DASH NTX-120 Dashboard - GPS


The new NTX Dashboard is a powerful and comprehensive digital dashboard for use at all levels of competition, an entry-level instrument panel with.

A 4.3" TFT colour display with a resolution of 480x272 pixels, and an integrated ambient light sensor, ensures that the NTX is perfectly readable in all environments.

The NTX is optionally equipped with a TripMaster (rally) and/or predictive lap time, either coupled to GPS or wheel speeds.

Like all Dash XAPs, NTX is ready for simulators and simulation games.

The E-Race software sold separately ensures the exploitation of acquisitions using analysis tools from the world of motor racing.

4.3" screen with a resolution of 480x272 linked with a luminosity sensor, it will give you the best reading in any environments.

NTX dash can have a integrated tripmaster (rally ) and/or a predictive laptime based on GPS and/or whell speeds.

Like all XAP dash, it is ready to use for simulator or gaming.

E-race tool will give a rapid access to your data. Easy to use, you will be able to analyze your data, linked to the track or even a video camera.

NTX screen is fully configurable link any other XAP dash, this is easy done by users from DASH EDITOR tool.

We can supply some template based on our experience from Racing.

- Resolution : 480 X 272 Pix

- RPM/Alert Led : 10 RG

- Can communication : 2  1Mb max, not terminated

- Can protocol : 100% configurable

- Import/export DBC

- USB : Quick download

- Weight : 330 g

- Temperature range : - 20°C to 80°

- Voltage : 8 to 19 V/650mA

- Data logging memory : 4 G bytes/1kHz

- Waterproof IP65

- 4 12bits Analog. Inputs ( 1 Vref 5V 100mA )

- 4 Digital Inputs ( ON/OFF to GND ou speed up to100khz )

- Wifi et Bluetooth ready

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